Inspecting What You Expect From Your Vendor Partners

Automotive Digital Marketing Professionals In Your Corner to Increase Your Dealership's ROI

If You're An Auto Dealer...

Maintaining close partnerships with your vendors plays a key role in attracting the right opportunities so you can reach your monthly goals.
But the complexity of modern digital marketing is enough to make any dealer:
If you just asked yourself how we got inside your head, BZ Consultants Group is here to help.

Holding Dealership Vendor Partners Accountable

BZ Consultants is here to inspect what dealers should be expecting of their vendor partners, specifically their digital vendors. We are here to balance the scales, educate the dealer, and give back all that time the dealer would spend in meetings pouring over reports so that they can focus on customer experience and staff development. Being product agnostic, we reside to differentiate between facts and feelings and protect the dealer by making their success our top goal. In a concise report back to the dealer, we inform the dealer which partners are doing well, areas of improvement, and actionable items on how to attain optimum performance.

Facts Not Feelings


Every week, BZ Consultants Group’s CEO and Founder, Brooke C. Furniss, will be differentiating facts from feelings. As it is imperative to surround oneself with people smarter than yourself, experts from their respective fields will be stopping by so we can learn, grow, and better our industry. Sit back, grab your beverage of choice, and let’s continue to set the precedence of facts not feelings! Thanks for listening.

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