What Would Apple Do?

November 25, 2022

By FUSE Autotech Speculation about Apple entering automotive abounds. Will they only provide an automotive iOS for others to integrate? Will they build an electric passenger vehicle for drivers? Or, will they jump straight to autonomous vehicles? Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes a car will be Apple’s next star product and arrive in 2025 at the earliest. Reuters is quoted as saying Apple may begin production in 2024.  Let’s put the vehicle aside for the moment…

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October 25, 2016

Aww those glorious 3 little letters we all love: no, not IOU but CRM! We all know we have to have a CRM to succeed in this competitive world and stay on top of our customer base, but I am constantly brought back to the basics of simply what is CRM? Do we really know what it is and why it is so important? I know we all have been that person in the room…

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Texting Like A Little School Girl

September 25, 2016

As much it drives me insane that no one has an ACTUAL face to face (or even over the phone) conversation any more or that fact that no one seems to be able to sit down around the dinner table and have the “So how was your day?” conversation without some form technology being involved (or banned/thrown out from the table), I guess the overwhelming theme is “it’s the day and age in which we…

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