About BZ Consultants Group

BZ Consultants is here to inspect what dealers should be expecting of their vendor partners —

Specifically their digital vendors. We are here to balance the scales, educate the dealer, and give back all that time the dealer would spend in meetings pouring over reports so that they can focus on customer experience and staff development. Being product agnostic, we reside to differentiate between facts and feelings and protect the dealer by making their success our top goal. In a concise report back to the dealer, we inform the dealer which partners are doing well, areas of improvement, and actionable items on how to attain optimum performance.

BZ Consultants Group was founded with the sole purpose of educating dealers on digital marketing and to be a champion for them

Brooke C Furniss has over twelve years in the automotive industry. Having worked in retail, OEM, consulting, fixed ops, body shops, and even as an entrepreneur, she has been fortunate to gain knowledge and experience in every aspect of the automotive industry. Due to her extensive experience in the auto industry, she is able to truly relate to others. Her connection with the dealer gives her the unique opportunity to show areas for growth and turn one-dimensional reports into actionable items that will maximize a dealer’s profits. From speaking and teaching at conferences to being featured on podcasts and webinars, everything Brooke does is centered and focused on moving this automotive industry forward and leaving it better than she found it.

She started BZ Consultants Group solely to educate the dealer and be a champion for them. The purpose of BZ Consultants is to examine what dealers should expect from their vendors, specifically their digital vendors, by separating facts from feelings while holding them accountable.

Brooke C. Furniss


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