Digital Marketing Assessments and Services Built Exclusively for the Automotive Industry

Digital Marketing Solutions We Offer:

  • Unbiased Digital Vendor Analysis

    We often find that dealers are over-spending on advertising. Our Unbiased Digital Vender Analysis takes a deep dive to uncover whether your vendors are actually doing what they say they're doing and checks for optimization of your advertising expenses.

  • Regular Conferences

    The last thing most dealers need is another meeting to attend. We take this off our dealers' plate by meeting regularly with your vendors to ensure goals are being met, hold your vendor partners accountable, and relay messages back and forth between you and your vendor partners.

  • True ROI Reporting

    You rely on data to make decisions for your dealership and where your advertising dollars are spent. We ensure all reporting and data are clean so you can confidently make informed decisions for your dealership.

  • Google Analytics and Google Suite Products 

    We will perform a full analysis of your Google Suite Products to ensure the tools you rely on are set up properly and tracking data efficiently. We also make sure that you are leveraging as many tools as possible to aid in the growth of your dealership.

  • Google Business Listing

    We will do a thorough analysis of your Google Business Listing to ensure it's optimized to funnel as many opportunities as possible to your showroom floor.

  • Digital Health Assessment

    Get a bi-annual assessment and analysis of your website to ensure it's optimized to drive more traffic to your showroom.

  • Digital Retailing

    We help our dealers produce more sales by creating an online buying experience that's integrated with the tools and systems you utilize, keeps you connected with your incoming opportunities, and is easy and efficient for buyers.

  • Social Media

    Get a regular analysis of your social media accounts and let us help strategize and reach your goals.

  • Call Tracking

    We'll perform a comprehensive audit of your call tracking processes and work with you and your vendor partner to strategize and implement recommendations for improvement.

  • Analytics/Reports

    Does reading performance reports feel like you're reading a foreign language? We eat performance reports for breakfast — forward them to us and we'll use them to keep your vendor partners accountable to the goals they agreed to help you reach.

  • Comprehensive Website Audit

    Comprehensive deep dive into the functionality, efficiency, and user experience of your website.

  • Chat Tool

    Do your online buyers feel like they're talking to a bot? Let us review your chat tool performance and user experience to ensure your buyers experience a relevant and fun chat experience.

  • CRM

    Get a full audit of your CRM setup to ensure the data you're receiving is clean and organized so you can make informed decisions for your dealership.

  • Process & Training

    One of the most important, yet often overlooked, tools any dealership can have is effective processes and consistent training for staff. Whether you're in need of process creation or process optimization — we've got you covered. In addition, let us take the task of training your staff off your plate so you can focus on selling more cars and servicing more vehicles.

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